Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some of My Thoughts on Politics.

Anybody who missed Obama's speech at the DNC should take some time and watch it. Up to this point I am very undecided as to which way I am going to vote. I like Obama (who doesn't?), but I cannot help but feel like I am being manipulated by the media, by his skin color, and by his great orating. Although I still maintain these speculations, I was very impressed by his speech. I like the idea of taxing more heavily the small (top 5%?) percent of Americans who make most of the money and relieving the rest of us of some of the burdon. I like the idea of opening more doors to people to go to school, get health care, obtain employment etc. I like the idea of investing in a long-term energy solution rather than off-shore drilling to temporarily disguise the underlying problem. I love how Obama focuses on our responsibilities as Americans not just our rights (he always couples job opportunities/college education/health care to those who are willing to work). Obama definetely stikes some chords within me.

This in mind I still don't like the idea of a bigger government. I don't like the idea of having the gov't less involved in moral issues and more involved in economic ones. I don't like the idea of gay-marriage, abortion, and so forth. I'm still unsure whether Obama needs more experience before being elected. I also don't like McCain's VP choice, but that's heavily influenced by how much i was pulling for Romney.

I'm looking forward to the Republican's response at the convention this week. I hope this election doesn't turn into a high school popularity contest. I cringe anytime I hear a democrat make fun of how "old" McCain is (*cough* John Kerry *cough*). Physical appearance, age and things of that nature should play no part in who we elect. I plan on hearing out both sides so that I can feel informed (According to my bro-in-law this means not watching Fox News :-) judging whether I actually believe them or not, and then voting my heart.

here's Obama's speech to watch:


Jake & Rachel said...

Well where are your thoughts on the republican national convention? I think their response has been pretty good. I DON'T like McCain, and I was wary of Palin as his VP, but after hearing her speak a few times, I'm liking her more and more. Talk about picking on the other side though, Palin was coming down hard on Obama last night.

Aaron said...

I agree that Palin shined last night. I loved her speech thoroughly. I worked today and only caught parts of McCain. What I saw seemed to be off and on, sometimes he shined sometimes he didn't. I plan on watching his speech in its entirety tomorrow though and then I'll post on the RNC.