Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Friday Mel and I went to go see Wicked at Shea’s Theatre in Buffalo. Mel really wanted to see a Broadway musical so we bought tickets for our 3rd anniversary date.

I went into the play thinking I would enjoy it, but like most things of this nature, I figured I’d be glancing at my watch throughout the show wondering how much more time it had left. In other words, I didn’t think I would love it.

My mind was changed. The production was phenomenal! Everything about it. First of all the music was moving, and the passion with which the actresses and actors sang with was breathtaking. The set and costumes were more enchanting than I thought possible. The story was so fun! I was caught up in it the moment the actors took stage.

One scene was particularly moving. Right before intermission they sing a song called ‘defying gravity’ which is by far the best song in the show. The buildup to the song was perfectly executed and when Elphaba gets on her broom for the first time and is lifted into the air the light,fog and other special effects combine with great vocals and instrumentals to bring even a skeptic such as myself to tears. And the crowd’s reception of that performance was unlike anything I had seen or heard before. Truly marvelous.

I left the show feeling like I had left Plato’s Cave (where I spend my whole day reading two-dimensional medical textbooks) and could now see the world a little better. I love when a good piece of art makes you feel that way. I am now a fan of musical theater and already have plans in the works to see Les Miserables next February.


Laura (and Chris) Miller said...

So happy you guys loved it! Chris and I saw it for his birthday one year in LA- Chris really enjoyed it as well :) I think it has a pretty good message!

Shawnanana said...

I love WICKED, I am so glad that you chose to go see it! AWESOME choice!