Sunday, April 6, 2008

President Thomas Spencer Monson

I attended Priesthood session of General Conference in the Marriott Center yesterday. In this meeting President Monson gave his first address as President, Prophet, Seer and Revelator of the church. He made a really funny joke about a young man sitting in the congregation of a meeting where President Monson was sitting on the stand. The young man would mimic everything President Monson did, crossing his legs, resting his head on his hand and so forth. In order to win this friendly competition President Monson wiggled his ears. The young man failed in his attempt to imitate his leader. Everybody laughed heartily who listened to President Monson relate this story wiggling his ears as he did. The laughter continued when he said his wife counseled him not to share the story. Immediately following the laughter a solemn silence ensued, President Monson went on to council the brethren on how much leaders influence the spongy youth who imitate and soak up their every move. At this moment the spirit bore powerful witness within my own heart that Thomas Spencer Monson is the true mouthpiece of the Lord today. More personally, the spirit told me that I need to listen intently to everything he says, that he will have a profound and extensive influence in my life for good. His words and council will help me realize a fullness of joy and live after the manner of happiness. This witness came to me at a pivotal point when I am exactly three weeks away from getting sealed to Melanie in the temple. I felt very close to my heavenly father after that experience. How thankful I am, especially at this point in my life, for a prophet of God here on the earth!


Jessie said...

Thanks for sharing that at fhe the other day :)