Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Great Day in Bangkok

So the title here is a little deceiving because a lot of my days here are filled with writing descriptions of things to put on ebay and watching countless movies, BUT today was rad!! We woke up early (at 930 am, i love that that's early now :-) and headed out to our friend Peter's house. Peter is a Thai guy who lives out in the boonies and breeds dogs. He had an amazing house. I fell in love with his Bulldog (i want one sooo stinking bad) and shot at chickens with a pellet gun. Then he served up SumTum for lunch with sticky rice and mango (mmmm...mmmmm) and we headed off to a Buddhist temple inside a water cave. On the way we ran into a pack (are they called packs?) of monkeys... that's right live monkeys in the wild! How awesome is that?!! There were tons of them in the road, in the trees, some with babies holding on to their bellies as they roamed around, some fighting showing their gnarly teeth. Man that was cool. Then we got to the temple in a cave. It was cool, Thai people really know how to make very tranquil places to worship. If I lived here I think I'd use Buddhist temples to pray (to heavenly father of coarse) and meditate. After the temple we sat and chatted with a few Buddha's (they seem like the equivalent of a park ranger in Yosemite to me, what a rad lifestyle). The conversation was in Thai, and so i quickly lost interest in trying to here words i know and just sat and watched the monkeys in the trees for a while. Then we went to the bat cave. We climbed another nearby mountain and went to another Buddhist temple. there we sat and watched as millions upon millions of bats spiraled out of the cave and off into the distant sky. The Thai describe their appearance like a dragon in the sky. It was cool. On our way down the mountain we climbed right above the cave and watched closely the scene of bats crawling to the edge of rocks and fly away, thousands at a time. cool stuff. then we ate some good, CHEAP Thai food and headed back home. Very good day!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

HONEYMOON!!! (in Phuket, Thailand)

Fire dancers at the sunset ceremony.

This is part of one of the pools. Under the waterfall were barstools under water and a little drink shop, how cool is that?!

One of the three swimming pools, they were so stinking nice!
So when my father-in-law saw this picture from across the room he said "who's that fat guy?" not realizing it was me.
We spent a lot of time reading. They had hammocks, beds, couches, lounge chairs, spas, etc. scattered everywhere so we always found a nice comfortable and secluded place to read in the sun.

On the path to the spirit house.

What a gorgeous environment, and my babe fits in perfectly!
Housekeeping did this little number for us on our first night :-)

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