Friday, January 15, 2010

A More Focused Approach to Blogging

The new year has come and gone. During this time of year many people reflect on their lives. This leads to people adjusting their focus and resolving to change a few things.

It’s time for a change in OUR BRAVE NEW WORLD. Up to this point my posts are schizophrenic in nature, lacking a common theme. A good blog is predictable, the reader knows what he or she may find and comes back because the topics interest them. The blogs I add to Google Reader all have individual themes written by doctors, philosophers, theologians, sports nuts, etc.

In short, it’s time to renovate this bad boy and I want your input. Listed below are my favorite blog posts I have written. I feel good knowing these posts exist online and reflect my thoughts. I wish my blog only contained posts like these. Read these posts, let me know what you think, and give suggestions on what you may want to hear me blog about.

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