Saturday, May 17, 2008

HONEYMOON!!! (in Phuket, Thailand)

Fire dancers at the sunset ceremony.

This is part of one of the pools. Under the waterfall were barstools under water and a little drink shop, how cool is that?!

One of the three swimming pools, they were so stinking nice!
So when my father-in-law saw this picture from across the room he said "who's that fat guy?" not realizing it was me.
We spent a lot of time reading. They had hammocks, beds, couches, lounge chairs, spas, etc. scattered everywhere so we always found a nice comfortable and secluded place to read in the sun.

On the path to the spirit house.

What a gorgeous environment, and my babe fits in perfectly!
Housekeeping did this little number for us on our first night :-)


kkrich said...

u're married.... to a babe....crazy.....!!! love your face!

ps- where in the dickens is this?

alison said...

Those pictures are awesome, looks like you had a blast!!

Jake & Rachel said...

Seriously, what an awesome honeymoon! It's beautiful there! How much does a trip like that cost ;)

Shawnanana said...

That looks like a sweet place you stay at... awesome honeymoon spot eh? Ya know there's a girl in my ward serving in Thailand right now. sweet eh?

Jessie said...

looks like a very,very nice honeymoon. Lucky you!

Lance&Nance said...

That looks awesome man. When do you guys get back to regular life? What are your plans for the summer?