Saturday, August 9, 2008

Evolution v. Intelligent Design Debates

I spent some time these past three days watching scholars debate the legitimacy of the evolution theory and trying to come up with an alternate theory. I firmly believe that evolution is the mechanism by which God created and still creates life. This said I also would quickly amend that view if, after I die, God tells me otherwise. The evidence supporting evolution is quite robust. I myself believe in a God of understanding, one who's purpose is our eternal progression. Progression in my mind includes learning and understanding who we are, where we came from, and who we will be. With all the fossil records left for us to study, plant life that has obviously evolved through natural and artificial selection, and many other species which have many indications of natural selection's hand in play, I find it hard to believe that God gives us these evidences if the theory is false. God does not confuse, instead he enlightens and magnifies, so theories of dinosaur bones coming from different planets or other ideas of that nature trying to debunk evolution seem inconsistent with the construct I have of who God is.

Anyway here's a debate that I found particularly interesting and fun (believe it or not). The reason I liked it is that the guys supporting evolution are Christians! Imagine that. Watch if you're interested. There's eight videos, here is the first.


bob said...

I firmly believe that evolution is the mechanism by which God created and still creates life.

Of course evolution is a fact, but Mr. God didn't have a thing to do with it.

Aaron said...

bob, first off evolution is a theory, to call it a fact shows that you are not scientifically minded in this matter. Second, to say that God had nothing to do with it is as bold as saying that He did. It takes a lot of faith to jump to the conclusion that God does not exist.

Please don't mix up theology with science. Scientific theories can be reinforced through experimentation. Theology can be debated to death along with philosophies. They are two different languages, not meant to exist on the same platform.

Olorin said...

Aaron, please don't mix up "fact" and "theory." That evolution occurred is a fact. The mechanism by which evolution occurred (heritable variation & natural selection) is a theory.

Aaron said...

That evolution occured is a fact I'll give you that. What I was referring to was Evolutionary Theory (see the quoted passage by bob), which includes, like you said, natural selection and so forth. The reason I emphasized theory here is that there are many holes with plenty left to the imagination. To rule out God is ignorant. God could very well be the driving force behind this fact, evolution.