Saturday, February 14, 2009

A thought on life...

I just went out with Melanie and watched confessions of a shopaholic. Surprisingly, the movie was great. It led me to some self reflection as we were driving home, mainly because the parents of the main character were so much like my own. My parents are very frugal in the way they conduct their financial affairs. Garage sales supplied me with my clothes, duct tape was frequently seen in repairs all over the house, the heater has never been turned on instead loads of wood would be put into the fireplace etc. These types of things were extremely embarrassing to me when I was young. I remember my friends would come over and make mocking remarks about our families decision to not spend money the way their families did. How glad I am now that I was sheltered from the world of showing off your wealth. It's so sad that so many people measure their worth, their success, and their happiness on material possessions. The father in the movie said it best what he said the only things in his life that defines him is his wife and his daughter. A person's house, car, clothes or anything like that do not describe the quality of their life. There is so much more to life than that. Don't go into debt, instead invest time into those things that really do define a person.