Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jehovah Complex

It's strange how physician's are often infamously attributed with what many call a Jehovah complex. With this they don't listen very well to their patients, thinking they are the one's that went to medical school and they are the one's who know everything. Dr. House is the personification of this caricature. Now I chose long ago to pursue a career in medicine, resolving within myself to be open to others opinions and criticism. In learning the Hmong language I was forced to accept the fact that I needed to be teachable. Fluid minds are able to adapt better to new information, they are better apt to exceed in unfamiliar situations.

These observations made, I find myself slipping into a pseudo-Jehovah complex myself this semester. In all my classes I've become that kid who everyone rolls their eyes at because he raises his hand to answer every question in a smug manner (like hermione from the harry potter series). To my acknowledgment this is a new development in my personality, sure I've always considered myself bright, but never self-righteous. What catalyzed this change? I have decided my MCAT preparation is to blame. I have put more time into study this semester than ever before in my life (approx 70 hours a week). This extra mental practice has sharpened my cognitive ability, making me more alert to new material shared in class. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate and am grateful for my new found cognitive endurance and aptitude. I am humbled at how amazing an instrument the nervous system can be, especially if one will spend the time nourishing it. However, it scares me that I could go down the path of anti-social behavior many doctors do.

I guess the purpose of this post is to remind myself, and others if they're interested, to always stay fluid. Avoid at all costs the Jehovah complex, because that mindset is potentially crippling.


Jake & Rachel said...

I think you may be surprised at how many decent doctors there are out there :) Sure we've met our fair share of know it all's but I would say there is a far greater percentage of genuine, good hearted people in the field.

Jake & Rachel said...

and I wish I had the memorization capablilites you do. I guess that's why I'M not the doctor!!

Aaron said...

yeah, no doubt there are MANY great people who are doctors. My uncle who is a D.O. is one of the noblest people I know.

This given, there is a tendency to think higher of yourself when you put so much time and effort in to learning things. I think the "Jehovah complex" is something that any intellectual must battle against.