Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Graduation and Camping (Pictures)

Here are some pictures from graduation:

Mel's parents came from Bangkok, and mine from California

Right after convocation

In front of the BYU sign

After Graduation I spent 6 of the next 9 days in the wild! After reading Brave New World and feeling how crazy my life has been, it was therapeutic to relax with family in the woods:

Our hike up the backside of Timp

We went camping at Trial lake and saw a Golden eagle hunting for fish

Some random waterfall

Our hike from the Crystal Lake trailhead; this is at Long Lake

Letting Mel feel how cold my hands were

A shot of the Eagle flying home after its hunt; that bird was seriously one of the most awesome animal sightings I've seen in nature


Jake & Rachel said...

Congrats on graduation to you both!