Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Re-discovering Strength

Ok, so I'm not the biggest exercise enthusiast, in fact you will rarely see me outside of the house jogging for fun but, an experience I had this week made me think about the lethargic condition I am in as a college student and quite possibly a condition in which everyone living in developed countries resides. We have forgotten the benefit of work. Machines or other people do things for us that we ourselves are more than capable of doing; performing some of these tasks may even prove essential for our personal growth and development.

The other day, after finishing a days work in the chemistry lab, I was anxious to get home. My lab is on the top floor of the chemistry building and so as usual I used the elevator. As I stood in the elevator compartment watching the numbers slowly approach floor one, there was an interruption. A beep sounded, then a stop on floor two. The door opened and there waiting was a woman not much older than me and not in the best physical shape. She stepped into the elevator and joined me descending to a common destination. She got off and went her way and I went mine. I realized that I was a little upset for the short delay I had experienced because of this woman's choice to not walk DOWN one flight of stairs. Is it really that strenuous to take the stairs when only ambulating one floor!? Not only was I shocked at her indolence, but also the fact that a very short delay upset me. I wasn't even in a hurry.

I was the victim of a lifestyle that a lot of people live, that is I avoided any energy expenditure that wasn't absolutely necessary. I resolved never to use the elevator again when I'm at work. My lab is only on the fourth floor, yet to get there by stairs concludes with me struggling to catch my breathe. This week I have done that and feel not only empowered for not having play the waiting game after pressing the up/down button, but I also feel better physically and spiritually. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone reading this to come up with a way or two that you can rely less on technology and more on yourself to get simple tasks done. Something as simple as using the stairs can give you the physical nurture your body and spirit have been deprived. Re-discover the strength you gain from physical labor and liberate yourself from walking the path of least resistance.

-Aaron Butler March 18th 2008


LanceandNance said...

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