Thursday, March 20, 2008

To All You Jazz Fans

ok, so earlier this season my little brother gave me Jazz tickets for my birthday to see them play my Lakers.

I want to add here that prior to this game I was impartial towards the Jazz and if anything felt empathy towards them for their struggles during the Bulls dynasty.

As many of you know, my boy Derek Fisher played for the Jazz last year, not only did he play but i seem to remember him coming back from his baby girl's surgery in the 3rd quarter of a playoff game to hit the game winning three. He asked to be released from his contract because he needed better health care for this same daughter who has cancer. The Jazz were more than willing to accommodate Derek's request. So Derek came to the Los Angeles where that health care could be provided.

So back to the game i attended. What do the Jazz fans do when Derek Fisher is introduced as a starter?? They BOO him without remorse. Where's the class Utah? That's really all I have to say is where is the class? That display was an embarrassment to the sport. Hopefully the Lakers beatdown tonight sent a message to all the ignorant Jazz fans that night who showed bad sportsmanship at its worse.

Kobe for MVP!

Here's a follow-up to this post...

from the ESPN analysis of the game:

'Fisher spent last season with the Jazz before asking out of his contract for family reasons. He was booed loudly when the Lakers played here in November.

Bryant said the Lakers hadn't forgotten the way Fisher was received last time.

"Derek's the type of guy that's not going to say anything, but I'll say it for him. He took it personally tonight and we wanted to send a message," Bryant said.'